Are you gearing up to conquer the TOEFL iBT Writing section and propel your English proficiency to new heights? Look no further! Amin Online English proudly presents an exclusive two-lesson workshop designed to transform your writing skills and boost your TOEFL iBT scores. Our tailor-made workshop is the golden ticket for ambitious learners eager to excel in both the Integrated and Independent Writing Tasks of the TOEFL iBT.

Why Choose Our TOEFL iBT Writing Workshop?

  1. Expert Guidance: Led by a professional English Language teacher with years of experience in TOEFL preparation, our workshop offers personalized instruction and insider tips to navigate the TOEFL iBT Writing section with confidence.
  2. Integrated Writing Mastery: Dive deep into the strategies for synthesizing information from reading and listening materials to craft coherent and compelling responses in the Integrated Writing Task. Our first lesson is a comprehensive guide to understanding prompts, organizing ideas, and employing the right language to articulate your analysis effectively.
  3. Academic Discussion Dominance: The second lesson is dedicated to the Independent Writing Task, focusing on how to generate and organize ideas for academic discussion topics. Learn how to develop your arguments, provide supporting evidence, and showcase your English proficiency through persuasive and well-structured essays.
  4. Interactive Learning Experience: With Amin Online English, you’re not just a spectator. Engage in interactive exercises, receive personalized feedback, and participate in live Q&A sessions to address your unique challenges and questions.
  5. Success-Oriented Approach: Our workshop is designed with your success in mind. Whether you’re aiming for a higher TOEFL score for university admissions or seeking to enhance your academic writing skills, our workshop is your stepping stone to achieving your goals.

Why wait? Enroll in Amin Online English’s TOEFL iBT Writing workshop today and embark on your journey to TOEFL triumph. Unlock the secrets to acing the Integrated and Independent Writing tasks, and join a community of learners who’ve transformed their aspirations into achievements. Your success story starts here – let’s write it together!

Reserve your spot now and take the first step towards mastering the TOEFL iBT Writing section with confidence and flair. Visit our website to sign up and for more details. Embrace this opportunity to elevate your English writing skills and shine in your TOEFL iBT exam with Amin Online English – where your dreams and our expertise meet.


Topic: TOEFL Writing – Academic Discussion
Hosted By: Amin

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