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Study habits that lead you to TOEFL exam success


Study habits that lead you to TOEFL exam success


A habit is a pattern of behavior that is acquired through repetition. Research depicts that it takes almost twenty-one days to form a habit. The following study habits are characteristic of successful TOEFL candidates. If you want to be successful, you should consider forming these habits. They will help you on the TOEFL exam and after the TOEFL in your daily lives.



Accept responsibility


Successful students accept that the score on the TOEEL is their responsibility. It doesn't happen because of luckiness. It is the outcome of their own perseverance. Take responsibility for your TOEFL score. Don't leave it to chance.



Get organized


You will need a place to study where you can feel well-concentrated. Try to fix and find place where you can arrange your study materials and leave them until the next study session. If that is not possible, then find a bag that you can use to keep all your materials in a way that you can have everything you need when you go to the library or another place to study. Don't use the bag for anything else. This will save time because you will not be looking for everything in different areas of your house or room, and you will not be trying to find TOEFL preparation material among other things in the bag. Also, you will not lose important notes.



Set realistic goals


Be honest about your own preparation time and the required content to be learned. Students who are just beginning to learn English, apparently, are not prepared enough to take the TOEFL. Give yourself an adequate amount of time you need to prepare. By setting an unrealistic goal, for example, to finish preparing with one big book in one week, you will probably be very disappointed. Even advanced students need some times to get ready and learn academic skills and review language skills as well as to take model tests.



Make a plan


It is not enough to simply have a goal, even a very realistic goal is not enough. Successful TOEFL candidates also have a plan to accomplish a goal. What are you going to do to achieve the goal you have set? You will need to have time and resources.



Establish priorities


By analyzing your strengths and weaknesses on TOEFL exam, you will know which sections of the test will be the most difficult and which will be easy for you. You will also know which problems within each section require the most study. By focusing on those sections and problems, you can set priorities and use your time wisely.



Manage time


How do you spend time? Clearly, a certain amount of your time should be spent on your daily routine affairs as sleeping or relaxing. That is very important to good health. However, you should think about how much time you spend worrying or procrastinating. That is not considered as a healthy way of spending your time. Successful TOEFL candidates have a precise schedule that push them manage their time appropriately. Preparing for the TOEFL is written down on the schedule. TOEFL preparation is planned for on a regular basis just like a standing appointment. If it is written down, it is more probable that you will give it the time required to reach your goal. When you start to feel worrying, use that energy to perform something positive. Practice learning how to use time while you are waiting for a meeting or commuting on public transportation to study. Even a 5-minute review will lead you into a big change in the learning procedure.



Learn from mistakes


If you knew everything, you wouldn't need any books to prepare yourself for TOEFL exam with. It is normal to expect to make mistakes on the quizzes and on the model tests. Read the model tests explanatory answers, and try to learn from your mistakes. This way, you will be less likely to make those mistakes anytime again on the official TOEFL.



Stay motivated


It is easy to initiate your preparation plan with enthusiasm and passion, but it is more difficult to maintain your initial commitment. How do you stay motivated? To keep their energy up, some TOEFL candidates give themselves small incentives and prizes. Without small rewards along the studying and preparation way, it may be harder or impossible to stay motivated. Just be sure that the prize doesn't take more time than the study. Remember, an incentive is supposed to keep you moving, not slow you down.