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Essential English Phrasal Verbs - Episode 5

Essential English Phrasal Verbs - Episode 5



1. check out
to leave a hotel after paying and returning your room key


Dictionary example:
  • We checked out of/from our hotel at 5 a.m. to catch a 7 a.m. flight.
  • [On] the last day we decided to stay in the hotel because we had to check out at noon.


2. come along
to go somewhere with someone


Dictionary example:
  • We're going to the cinema. Do you want to come along?
  • I'm really expecting you guys to come along.


3. come out
If a book, record, film, etc. comes out, it becomes available for people to buy or see.


Dictionary example:
  • When does their new album come out?
  • We're going to se[e] "Blade". It came out just yesterday.


4. complain of sth
to tell other people that something is making you feel ill


Dictionary example:
  • She's been complaining of a headache all day.
  • I asked her if he [had] complained of any pains or aches?


5. consist of sth
to be made of or formed from something


Dictionary examples:

The team consists of four Europeans and two Americans.

  • It's a simple dish to prepare, consisting mainly of rice and vegetables.
  • Our team consists of 15 girls, who are all between 16 and 18.