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Essential English Phrasal Verbs - Episode 4

Essential English Phrasal Verbs - Episode 4


1. carry on (sth) or carry (sth) on
to continue doing something, or to cause something to continue
Dictionary examples:
  • Let's carry on this discussion at some other time.
  • Carry on with your work while I'm gone.
  • You just have to carry on as if nothing's happened.
  • Steve just carried on playing on his computer.



2. carry out sth or carry sth out
to do or complete something, especially something that you have said you would do or that you have been told to do
Dictionary examples:
  • Nigel is carrying out research on early Christian art.
  • The hospital is carrying out tests to find out what's wrong with her.
  • It is hoped that the kidnappers will not carry out their threat to kill the hostages.
  • Don't blame me, I'm only carrying out my orders/instructions.



3. catch up with sb
[INFORMAL] to meet someone you know after not seeing them for a period of time and talk about what you have been doing
Dictionary examples:
  • I caught up with him in Singapore a few years later.
  • I'll catch up with you later!
  • You should catch up with me in Sicily, where you will be able to walk on the best beaches you have ever seen.



4. check in
to go to the desk at an airport, so that you can be told where you will be sitting and so that your bags can be put on the aircraft
Dictionary example:
  • Passengers are requested to check in two hours before the flight.
  • I had to check in at 2.15 pm.



5. check in/check into sth
to say who you are when you arrive at a hotel so that you can be given a key for your room
Dictionary example:
  • Please would you check in at the reception desk and sign your name in the book.
  • We checked in at the hotel and we all went to bed early that night.



Essential English Phrasal Verbs - Episode 4

Erika Says:
Hello Amin! I hope you are well :)
Here my phrasal verbs' sentences:

1. I'm carrying on my job at the moment
2. I carry out my 1st book
3. I caught up my old friends 3 months ago
4. I'm going to have my check in for USA in august
5. I'm going to check in to take ouy room's key

Thx a lot for you attention!
I'll see you soono :)

Have a nice day and take care :)

    Amin Online English Says:
    Thanks for the sentences