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Essential English Phrasal Verbs - Episode 1

Essential English Phrasal Verbs - Day 1


1. base sth on sth
If you base something on facts or ideas, you use those facts or ideas to develop it.
Dictionary example:
  • The film is based on a short story by Thomas Mann.
  • This is an exciting film based on the musical "The Phantom of the Opera".


2. add up (sth) or add (sth) up
to calculate the total of two or more numbers
Dictionary examples:
  • If you add those four figures up, it comes to over £500.
  • I'm not very good at adding up!


3. believe in sth
to be certain that something exists
Dictionary example:
  • Do you believe in ghosts?
  • Claire I want to tell you that we have to believe in miracles!


4. belong to sth
to be a member of a group or organization
Dictionary example:
  • We belong to the same tennis club.
  • Also, I belonged to [a] golf club when I went to university in Japan.


4. blow away (sth) or blow (sth) away
If something blows away, or if the wind blows something away, that thing moves because the wind blows it.
Dictionary examples:
  • The letter blew away and I had to run after it.
  • The wind blew the balloon away and we watched it disappear.

Essential English Phrasal Verbs - Day 1