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Paragraph and The Topic Sentence

The first sentence of a paragraph is usually called the topic sentence. You may have noticed in your reading of certain English texts that it is possible to place the topic sentence at the end of the paragraph (as a kind of conclusion), or even in the middle (as a kind of link between the two parts). It is even possible not to have a topic sentence at all; in this case, we say that the topic sentence is implied or suggested. Be aware of these possibilities when you read;
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Top tips to learn English vocabulary easier and faster

As you read, you will find many words you do not know. You will slow your reading fluency if you stop at every new word. For example, you should stop to find out the meaning of a new word if: a. you read the same word many times. b. the word appears in the heading of a passage, or in the topic sentence of a paragraph—the sentence that gives the main idea of the paragraph.
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9 Tips to have better reading experience

Fluent readers make predictions before and as they read. Use the title, subtitle, pictures, and captions to ask yourself questions about what you are going to read. Find answers to the questions when you read. After reading, think about what you have learned and decide what you need to read next to continue learning.
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