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Essential English Phrasal Verbs - Episode 14

  1. hang up  to finish a conversation on the telephone   Dictionary example: She said goodbye and hung up. Then he hung up immediately.     2. hang up sth or hang sth up  to put something, especially a piece of clothing, somewhere where it can hang   Dictionary example: You can hang up your jacket over there. The first problem I would like to mention is what everybody …
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Essential English Phrasal Verbs - Episode 13

  1. hand in sth or hand sth in  to give a piece of written work to a teacher   Dictionary example: Have you handed in your history essay yet?     2. hand out sth or hand sth out  to give something to each person in a group or place   Dictionary examples: The teacher asked her to hand out the worksheets. They stood on the street corner handing …
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Essential English Phrasal Verbs - Episode 12

  1. go on CONTINUE  to continue to happen or exist   Dictionary examples: The meeting went on until six o'clock. The path seemed to go on forever. I know she's upset about losing her job, but life must go on. Jonathan, this can't go on any more, this week you spent with me I could see you have been working too hard.     2. go on HAPPEN  to …
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