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Amin Online English

Free English Reading & Vocabulary Course
You can improve your English reading skills and expand your vocabulary range with this fun interactive quiz-based course. Students will become fully proficient readers in the English language.

 Online Course   4 Levels   Levels: A2-B1-B2-C1   Price Per Term: $ Free 

 Your Level: C1 

• Students will become fully proficient English language readers.
• Students will master reading and understanding individual words, phrases, and sentences.
• Students should be able to read a book by the end of the course as well as be able to analyze, interpret, and understand English books.
• Students should also be able to improve their listening comprehension through the audios provided for all the reading passages.

What You'll Learn

About Amin Online IELTS Preparation Class

Who is this course for

  • English students who enjoy reading in English and want to get better at it.
  • English as a Second Language learners who want to become fully proficient in their English reading skills.
  • English students who would like to expand their vocabulary range and accuracy​​​​​​​
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