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Do you need IELTS Band 7+? Have you tried repeatedly and not made progress? Do you need an actual guide to Band 7 success? Then my online class is just for you as it prepares participants for all parts of the IELTS exam: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking modules.

 Group Class   4 Levels   3 Terms Per Level   Price Per Term: $.179 

Amin online IELTS Preparation classes cover both the Academic and General IELTS Exams. You will receive winning advice and tactics for both the General and Academic by taking My IELTS online classes. Note: These Classes teaches both the General and Academic completely along side improveing you general English to be able to meet the requirement of ILTS Band 7.5 or above. My online IELTS classes covers IELTS main skills including writing, speaking, listening and reading skills and sub skills as learning IELTS vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation.

About The Class

About Amin Online IELTS Preparation Class

Numbers of Levels: B1 to C1
TOEFL Score Range: From 42 (B1) to over 105 (C1)
Numbers of Terms: 5 terms
Duration of Each Term: 4 weeks
Each Session Duration: 2 hours
Hours Per Term: 20 hours class + 10 hours video
Class Capacity: 6 Students
Class Platform: Skype / Zoom
Class Days: Every Saturday and Wednesday
Class Features: Online Support, Exams, PDF, Videos
Start Date: Monthly

Class Inclusion

Amin Online IELTS Class Inclusion

Class Material

  • Cambridge University Official IELTS Course Book
  • Mcmillan Publication IELTS Skill Based Book Series
  • Oxford University Reading & Listening Comprehension Book Series
  • IELTS Writing & Speaking Specialised Pamphlets
  • IELTS Listening [Lecture] Practice Pamphlet
  • Oxford Grammar Book Series
  • Cambridge IELTS Test Sample Book Series
  • 15 IELTS Mock Exam Sessions + Analysis Sessions
  • 10 Hours of Video Lessons
Amin Online IELTS Class Material
What you will learn through Amin Online IELTS Classes?

What You Will Learn?

Almost all the students have achieved their targets in IELTS so far.
  • Achieve learning outcomes for Band 7+ in every section
  • Academic and General Exam Strategies and Tactics
  • Increase Reading Answer Accuracy to Band 8+
  • Know what IELTS Examiners want from Speaking and Writing
  • Computer Based Exam Strategies and Tactics
  • Successfully overcome IELTS Listening Traps
  • Time Management Strategies for Score Improvement
  • Develop grammar range and lexical resource to C1
  • ​​​​​​​Approach any topic or question type in IELTS Writing Task 1 and Task 2
  • Improve your fluency and learn accurate pronunciation
    and a lot more...

Amin Online IELTS Class