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This class teaches you the GRAMMAR which is essential for a high IELTS / TOEFL score. I will explain hundreds of essential grammar points which IELTS & TOEFL candidates need to understand. In addition, I will present lots of examples sentences, as well as tests and practice activities.


Amin Online English

 Group Class   Target Level: C1   Price Per Term: $.169 

This course will help you prepare for TOEFL & IELTS exams as well as giving you the power of speaking more fluently. You will learn grammar which you can use in WRITING and SPEAKING fluently & accurately.

About The Class

Class Inclusion

Students' Minimum Level: B1
Target Level: C1
Class Inclusion: Grammar for Writing & speaking
Duration: 8 weeks
Each Session Duration: 60 minutes
Total Class Hours: 16 hours class + 10 hours video
Class Capacity: 10 Students
Class Platform: Skype / Zoom
Class Days: Every Monday and Friday
Class Features: Online Support, Grammar feedback, VIP Pamphlets, VIP Videos Lesson
Start Date: Every 2 Month

Amin Online IELTS Class Inclusion

Class Material

  • Unique Grammar Pamphlet
  • Oxford Grammar Book Series
  • Pearson Grammar Book Series 
  • 10 Hours of Video Lessons
Amin Online IELTS Class Material
What you will learn through Amin Online IELTS Classes?
  • A detailed and thorough knowledge of English grammar.
  • To speak and write English with MORE confidence.
  • Use grammatical constructions which will improve your score on TOEFL and IELTS
  • Know when and how to use the tenses in the English language
  • Understanding and systemizing the tenses in the English language
  • You'll understand how sentences are formed.
  • Have a deeper knowledge of the structure of advanced English grammar
  • Sound more fluent by using advanced English
    ​​​​​​​and a lot more...

What You Will Learn?

Amin Online IELTS Class